Weddings Iowa ~ Officiant


My name is Jaime and I would be honored to be your wedding Officiant!  As an ordained Minister in the state of Iowa, I serve as a marriage Officiant and wedding celebrant throughout Iowa.

Couples who seek a civil wedding Officiant typically want a special ceremony marked by their own beliefs, lifestyles and vows. I will follow the wishes of the couple in setting the tone of the ceremony - formal or informal, spiritual or secular, serious or light-hearted...but always focusing on the intent of marriage ceremonies - to tie a couple together in love trust and hope for a wonderful life together.  

I honor all beliefs and lifestyles; whether you seek an Officiant who will deliver vows which are religious, secular, spiritual, inter-faith based or same-sex.  Gay marriage is legal in Iowa and I am honored and excited to prepare and deliver vows for all people. 

Please contact me to learn more about my services and how I can help create your special day.  I am committed to the couples that I work with. I demonstrate my commitment by responding quickly to your inquiry and securing your date.  I continue to place myself at your service as we make your day as perfect as it can be.  

Reverend Jaime L. Paca
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